This new release has the powerful mechanism that successfully overcomes Y2K38 problems and works up to 2099 and after. So that the future date calculation is simply and very easy with our Y2K38 technology. We have seen Y2K problems before, and our technology ensures that we have no such Y2K problems in the future. So that every software-related work in the world can run very easily. loginTimer is successfully developed in a 32-bit multi-byte exe.

loginTimer is very useful software for every computer user who wishes to see anyone logging into their own system locally or remotely. It also includes their own log-in details. So that the administrator can always identify all users login date, time, number of logins per day, and login details quickly by seeing the private log created by the software itself.

The administrator can tackle the login details, and if he or she has changed any files before, then find out which person or whatever files changed and make them correct. This is also an advantage of the software, which has the advantage of identifying all types of logins.

The user needs to activate the software by running Run As Admin first, and the same is true after changing the software path. You can see details of logins in the log files for each computer user.

For those eager to experience the benefits of loginTimer, satheeshsoft offers a free full-functionality trial download of the application from the web page.

About: satheeshsoft Technology is always creating very high-quality software and inventions. All satheeshsoft software is always highly secure from any type of virus attack. Viruses cannot attack or enter our software programs during runtime or our raw files. If any virus tries to enter, the software program automatically closes itself. This type of self-standard mechanism has not yet been heard of in other software programs.