Protect Password

The 32-bit Multibyte DLL which can be used to protect your password or sensitive data within your applications against maximum online and offline reverse engineering techniques.

License: Paid.

Software: Invention.


Automatically scans computer login times and secretly stores them for you in a private text file, in addition to all users' login date, time, total logins each day/user, admin actions, login behavior (local and remote) and saves them continuously, one by one, in a private log file. It included the first successful discovery of Y2K38 technology.

License: Trial. Paid.

Software: Invention.

Soft Cleaner

Speed up your computer automatically at maximum. This virtual acceleration on your computer like smartphone is assured with very reduced CPU power consumption and very high performance. System cleaner, advanced Web and very advanced file search engines, cyber security, Anti-Spyware, advanced features.

Soft Cleaner attempts to reduce global CO2 emissions. While using less CPU power, your computer can curb and reduce energy usage, resulting in a secured environment.

License: Free. Paid.


UNICODE based text editor that you can create and edit text what you need. High clarity for visibility in the characters you have entered. It reads ASCII as well as UNICODE text, UNICODE up to LE (Little Endian).

License: Free.

Encryption Software

Encrypt your confidential data with or without a password for advanced security. Encryption stands for totally replacing your personal data and files with password security to an unrecognizable format.

License: Free.

Software: Invention.

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