The ability of loginTimer to automatically save whenever each user starts using their individual computer accounts can be useful for those who want to keep track of how the most recent changes made to the computer affect its performance.

Explicating further, if your friends or family don't know how to use safe browsing practices, virus-infected files may end up being downloaded and processed, resulting in issues with the entire system. Therefore, the administrator of the impacted computers can quickly determine, using loginTimer records, which profile may be at fault before pursuing options for data recovery or a complete system reset.

loginTimer is an essential tool if you're seeking for software that will help you continuously, one by one, store the login dates, times, total logins per day/user, admin activities, and local/remote login behavior of each of your computer users in a private log file. So that you can simply view the logs and obtain all the information you require to understand your computer users, this program is made to filter all the required details and keep them in a structured format.

The loginTimer from satheeshsoft, which is a part of the Y2K38 technological discovery, works effectively in the computer system with no Y2K, Y2K38, year 2038 year restrictions. It successfully working up to year 31-12-2099 and works after.

Additionally, all of the entries are written in English. Because the log file is a Ready Only attribute, it shouldn't be manually updated or changed. The program is also quite easy to use.

However, there is restriction: the application cannot be placed in operating system-specific folders like the user's desktop folder or others. It is advisable to store it in a secure folder. All you have to do is place it in one of your own secret folders other than the Windows system drive, such e:\\my folder, and select Run as administrator once.

Client must have authoritative benefits in arrange to be able to activate or reactivate the app. Once the app has been executed, it makes a .txt log record with data almost its actuation. This log record is put away within the same envelope as the application, and isolated log records are made for each client.

loginTimer is very valuable to businesses, home or personal computer users and other institutions, where self or more individuals are logging to the same computer. Mainly such illustration would be numerous individuals logging to inaccessible server. So, the proprietors can keep track of precisely when anybody is utilizing the computer.