Soft Cleaner: Virtual acceleration is always assured on your computer, with exceptionally low CPU power consumption and great performance just like on a smartphone, real speed test. This is accomplished by automatically adjusting your machine to operate at peak efficiency right before it begins to decelerate. Contrarily, Soft Cleaner spares users from all of these problems. It has features that automatically protect the system and increase computer performance. It is easy to use, safe, and free. This software comes with additional utilities that you can use with just one click. A few more standalone programs, such as TURBO, advanced file and web search engines, and more, are also included in this package. The program is advantageous for enterprises, personal computers, and computer networks.

A handful of the features are mentioned below. 

Virus Cleaner, Default System Optimization, and Game Booster. 

Upon completion of "Virus Cleaner - Game Booster," the memory optimizer will automatically initiate. 

Specification: This immediately increases the speed, accuracy, and responsiveness of the operating system's processor as well as memory or RAM performance, computer longevity, CPU utilization reduction, automated game booster, and a host of other advanced, vital features to the greatest extent feasible. Added a second intelligent, automatic EXTRA BOOST.

Combined qualities. 

BIOS, motherboard, operating system, processors, and disk health status. Even in cases where hardware, operating system, or BIOS issues are present, the broadcast health status display's color changes to "red". The operating system itself produced this message. The abbreviation effectively reminds the user that the particular "issue/issues" was either expected or really happened. Shut off the program, open it again, and check the hue. Check to see whether the issue persists after restarting the computer. If the same shade of "red" appears again, users ought to consult a computer expert. If it is normal, it is always the best.

During optimization from "Virus Cleaner - Game Booster," these bundled features start automatically. An extra feature of some of them is "Automatic Memory Optimizer." Abruptly fast, the Automatic Memory Optimizer makes sure the computer runs smoothly and never slows down until the user turns it off. internet privacy and a safe IP address. Optimal FPS, optimal video streaming quality, instantaneous GPU/CPU/gaming performance boost, and the option to stop occasional buffering with the existing quality settings are all included. smooth SSD/HDD lifespan with time. 

Check peripherals that have slow response times. Increase boot speed and apply a patch remover. Increase the speed at which regular upload and download packets are sent over TFTP, SCP, SFTP, and FTP. decreased amount of errors and crashes. more real disk space. very little physical disk consumption overall.

It can work with a computer exceptionally effectively, indeed on the off chance that it is congruous with domestic, client, or server computers. So can run diversions, browse the Web, and utilize tall memory and CPU utilize programs, editors, computer program advancement, Visual Studio,.NET, Android Studio, emulators, and IDEs.

High level web crawler for records and the web. Web Search. With joined web indexes, it's feasible to effectively and distinctively advance the question while precisely investigating the Internet (Bing, Google). Rather than slow, standard indexed lists, it has semantic highlights. High level Web crawler for Records. Utilizing around ten particular watchwords, this record web index is exact and modern. At any rate a portion of the watchwords relate to the genuine document names. Extremely Progressed Web search tool. This component incorporates the client's discretionary watchwords either regardless of them. Somebody can get to those documents by giving specific standards in the event that they fail to remember their genuine names. 

Delicate Cleaner is accessible for download at for the individuals who might want to have the abilities.