Protect Password is a DLL (Dynamic-link library) developed from MFC. You may be using some strong passwords to enter in your software related programs or in libraries. 

Various methods any online and offline reverse engineering techniques can steal your password directly or indirectly, then enter in your programs and do anything stealing your data, then sending to others hidden servers also sending their incorrect data to your server. So that your programs can behave against real output, but seems like working. You as well as your programs, too never ever get an idea what is happening. If got an idea too it is very difficult how to overcome this issue.


Type: 32-bit Multibyte DLL.

Hence, you need to avoid this type of situations which can easily compromise the cyber security with the help of our DLL. This DLL you can use in your programs, software related projects, apps, server client systems, libraries or supporting files for protecting your password from direct or indirect reverse engineering. You can not only protect your password, but also protect sensitive concurrently usable data in your programs through this DLL. It is impossible to steal anything from this DLL or the output if you follow the details described in the prototype.

You can use this DLL in Windows applications as well as other operating systems or programming languages or web programming, if needed any supporting files must to be downloaded from the operating system developer website.

This DLL is very easily integrated in your development. It provides more stable security instead of your normal very strong password. If you are saving your password to another password saving software too, it is better to follow the instructions and save the password from DLL.

Usability: Operating systems, internet browsers, internet services, software applications, server/client, web servers, banking, telecommunication, Smartphones, automotive industry and so on.

Advantage: Trillions of gigantic secure data transfer simultaneously without affecting server load.

License: Lifetime. Price: $170000/Organization.

Protect Password