Multi - FilesSearch 
Everyone commonly using single file searching method in computer or hard drives. Here describing a newest method to search multiple files in any PC drive. It can be accessed with Soft Cleaner advanced file searching tool, Multi - FilesSearch. You can search up to ten different file names at a time from any drive. Also an additional tool for searching a particular single file with Sensitive method.
The advantage of Multi - FilesSearch is to catch the required files easily and very fast as well as from ordered and disordered file names. The case sensitive search method searches your keywords inside the file names. After completion of file search a 'Soft Cleaner Multi - FilesSearch.txt' file will be created on your PC desktop including the file paths and details. So that you can easily navigate to the desired file.
Soft Cleaner
Searching method in two ways. One is for multiple file searching including case sensitive keywords selection. Case sensitive method will be automatically deciding by the tool as per your keywords. Multiple file searching procedure involves around ten different files at a time separated with a comma or optional. The second method carries about a Sensitive searching procedure about a particular file with the combination of the keywords you decided to pass. 

Multi - FilesSearch tool works only for one drive or one path at a time. After completion of search ‘Soft Cleaner Multi – FilesSearch.txt’ file will be created on your PC desktop, included the exact files path. From these paths you can directly open the required file.
Now specifying the searching process of multiple files. It’s simple and easy as same as normal file search programs. Beneath the tool button you can see two text boxes. The left one for entering file names or keywords to search. The next one or right text box includes the path or drive to search.
For example you wish to search ten different or less files at a time. Myfile123, file234, png,, *.doc, document, txt. No wildcards (*.*) support, instead you can specify *.png or *.file type. It means whatever files you wish to search no matter if you forgot actual file names or extensions too, it will search and catches the exact files as per the keyword or file names you transfer.
Next thing is to filter one or some files with matching keywords. It would become a case sensitive search automatically deciding by the program itself. For example your file names are myfile2018jungle.wmv and worldpictures.mp4. So you can transfer the keyword like myfile,18,pict,mp4 or 20,file,worl,pict or whatever you decides somewhat similar to original file.
The last method is Sensitive. Click on Sensitive. You need to enter keywords or file names and path again. As like name it is very case sensitive to search a particular file from the combination of keywords you transfer.
For example the file name is License2018-6-1-IndSearch.doc. Suppose you forgot the full name. But knows something words included in file name. Simply pass 2018, 6 or search, doc or license, 2018 or -, ind or search, 01, doc, 1 or any similar word. Once you know this in practical it is very easy to catch any type of your missed favourite files.
Instead of Sensitive method, during multiple file search you can see a few or lot of paths in the ‘Soft Cleaner Multi - FilesSearch.txt’ file on your PC desktop. If the number of paths are large, a simple mechanism to focus on to the correct path from the notepad.
For example in notepad [Search: -Ind, txt ]. Copy -Ind, txt and press control f (ctrl f) button and paste, then find. It directly moves to the already retrieved path in notepad. Copy and paste the file path or directory path in explorer so that you can directly open the file.